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Not a single regional artist we have encountered since the beginning of our journey did not mention Saudi. According to many the Saudi art scenes, whether urban art or contemporary art, were among the greatest in the region. Scenes, because … Continue reading

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Across the Sea

Across the Sea Renowned for its splendor and luxury, arrogantly displaying its wealth and success in a World in crisis. Many were those waiting for Dubai to crash, many are those distilling the idea that Dubai has been built on … Continue reading

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Walk with me

Walk with me   It was time to meet Ali Swar again, but this time for an in-depth interview. Now that we had some clues as to who he is, we wanted him to express it.  You see, it can … Continue reading

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Senses This car of ours is supposed to be our best ally, as we daily traverse the city from end to end.  Don’t even consider walking here. You’ll have more chance of survival in an earthquake than you would during … Continue reading

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